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Clear Gesso

10 August, 2010 (09:18) | art, collage


I bought a small container of clear gesso to compare with the regular white stuff. This was my first experiment. I brushed the gesso onto tan tissue paper, remembering what great results I had with the GPP Tissue Crusade. I then applied crimson, purple and yellow acrylic. The clear gesso left a sandpaper-like finish to the paper which feels great to the touch, but the surface wasn’t very friendly to most of my pens. I have been able to doodle with Micron pens on tissue coated with white gesso but not 0n this stuff (I used Liquitex brand). I really like the way the colors came out, though, so I cut some shapes to put into my moleskine, a la Hanna’s “Evidence Pages”. I doodled a few lines with a Gelly Glaze Pen and finished by practicing crosshatching around the pieces. I used another piece of the painted tissue for the collage below.


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Comment from Jane
Time: August 18, 2010, 12:00 pm

I just love the colors on these and the white doodles are cool, too. Thanks for the info on clear gesso, maybe I’ll try it.

Comment from iHanna
Time: August 20, 2010, 10:47 am

Evidence page, yay! I like to use clear gesso too, but no, not for writing over. It is even more sandpapery than white gesso I think. Love your journal page, mmmm!

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