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obsessing makes you crazy

24 September, 2007 (09:33) | genealogy

I appreciate everybody stopping by for Studio Friday. I’ll be returning the favor soon, just can’t get it together this morning.
I don’t know why I’m so flighty today. It’s Monday and I can’t decide what I need to do first, so I’m following Brian Clark’s advice to just




thanks to Hanna for the link!

I’m obsessing about all my projects. Latest obsession is Genealogy. I broke down and paid’s fee to access their databases for a month. I used their free 14-day trial a few years ago and was hoping they’d forgotten, but no such luck. Maybe I should’ve used an alias. ah, well. They’ve added quite a bit of stuff and I finally found the exact date of death for a long lost cousin in Detroit. So now I have to decide if I should pay $13 for an official death certificate, which may have next of kin listed, or $15 for an obituary which may or may not exist which would have more kinfolk listed; assuming this person is the person I’m related to.

I’m also making use of the passenger index at, which is free. This is a great research tool. You can see a copy of the original ship’s manifest, so you can see the names of people your relatives may have been traveling with. The search function is not the greatest, however. You may have to type in an assortment of information in various combinations to get what you want. When I type in just my ancestor’s name, for instance, I only get two hits. Neither one is him. If I type in a specific year of arrival or a date of birth I get more hits. The guy’s name is spelled correctly in all instances; it just won’t show up with a simple search. I’m still combining information in the hope I may find someone else I’m related to.

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